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  • By S TWIST
  • 19 Sep, 2016

Meet the first Folly of the week.... Penny Valent!

We thought it would be nice for you to get to know us all a bit - after all, there are now seventeen fabulous Folly Mixtures shimmying about for your entertainment! Each week we will throw a few questions at someone and we are starting with the smouldering siren that is Penny Valent!

Which Folly is the biggest party girl?
Probably me! I love a G&T, probably a bit too much. Other than that, it's got to be Kitty 'No Knickers' Devine.

What's your favourite rant topic?
I'm great at ranting so selecting one particular favourite would be rather difficult... But if you got me started on Thatcher you'd definitely regret it.

What are you the most proud of?
I'm proud of just generally being able to live in an incredibly expensive city being creative for a living and doing what I've wanted to do my whole life - dancing. But if I have to be specific I'm gonna say dancing at massive venues like the Edinburgh Playhouse Theatre, or the Milton Keynes arena, or opening a live TV musical a few years ago - I was front centre. All those moments felt pretty special.

Who has a burlesque costume you would liberate in a heartbeat if you could get away with it?
Well obviously Dita has a stunning arsenal of costumes, but I routinely lust over anything by Catherine D'Lish or Beau Rocks. Polly Rae has an incredible tuxedo and Bettsie Bon Bon's Vodka costume from this year's Straight Up was beautiful too.

If you were to choose the theme for the next Folly group act, what would you pick?
I would LOVE to do a seasonal theme next. The Folly Mixtures: Halloween Special. An ode to the Backstreet Boys' 'Everybody' perhaps? Or dead Beauty Pageant Queens that have killed each other off in different ways.

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By S TWIST 05 Mar, 2017
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By S TWIST 23 Jan, 2017
What do you find difficult about this job?
What I find most difficult about Burlesque in general is the constant hauling around of a suitcase - my poor left shoulder is knackered! In The Folly Mixtures it is probably the organisation of what costumes need to be where!

What would you like to accomplish professionally this year?
Over the next year, I would like to see The Folly Mixtures grow. We achieved our biggest show to date last year, so who's to say what is next on the domination?!

When was the last time you lost a pastie?
Whenever my blooming Grandparents are in the audience! Every ruddy time there's a family member in watching a show....pasties misbehave themselves!!

What advice would you give to our newer Folly Mixtures?
Keep being yourself, it is your individual character and great stage presence which made us choose you. Be true to yourself and your character and your Burlesque performance will be fabulous! Also invest in a good solid suitcase ;-)

By S TWIST 15 Nov, 2016
This week you get to meet blonde bombshell Lolo Pop...

You have to select one Folly to be Godmother to your child. Who are you choosing?
Dixie Derriere because she is the queen of patience and she looks after me!

Best advice a family member has ever given you?
If you want something you will work for it. I think living by this motto gave me a strong sense of independence.

What irritates you about social media?
I think the majority of us do it but everything on social media, Instagram in particular, is made to look shiny and great. Of course we only put the good things on there! I think in our industry it is easy to compare ourselves to others through social media and put ourselves down. Remember you are comparing yourself to half a story! You can't see the downsides and struggles, everyone has them but they are not posted with a filter and a hash tag!

Best makeup tip you've ever been given?
Less is never more!

What is your most prized possession?
It is no secret that I have a troll doll named Trollops, which I have had since being a baby and she is my most prized possession! And there is a Troll film coming out - I am very excited!
By S TWIST 08 Nov, 2016
Folly founder Ooh La Lou answers our questions this week!

If you could choose a new stage name, what would it be?
Tess Tickle. Definitely.

Which variety acts on the circuit have you enjoyed recently?
Duo Visage, aka Beau and Sam are just stunning. They are a gorgeous aerial duet act that I have been performing with at Cafe De Paris recently. Super sexy, beautifully choreographed and technically brilliant. Also, two of the nicest people to hang out with backstage!

Tell us about your first crush
Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing - the crush still remains to this day! Love that he was such an incredible dancer, but so masculine at the same time. The only man I'd jump in a lake for!

Disclose some insider information about the Folly Mixtures whatsapp group  
Oooooohhh, what happens in the Folly whatsapp stays in the Folly's the go to place if you've had a date disaster, can't decide what to wear, need to see a cute picture of a kitten, can't sleep at 3am.....

Tell us about a teacher that has inspired you
Jean Hewitt ran the dance school I went to from a toddler up to going to stage school at the age of 16 and I have so many happy memories of being there. Jean is sadly no longer with us but always had a moto when we were doing show rehearsals and something would go wrong. You'd hear her from the back of the room shouting 'Carry On Regardless!' Actually a pretty apt saying to take with me through my Burlesque career!

By S TWIST 01 Nov, 2016
With the voice of an angel and legs up to her armpits, it's time to meet gorgeous brunette Sally!

What inspired your most recent solo act?
It feels like my mind is boggling with all the different ideas I have bouncing around at the moment! My most recent new finished act however, was actually a request to create a fan dance. So I have been delving in to all the Burlesque greats to add a little bit of that classic Burlesque magic.

Tell us the story behind your stage name.
I have always LOVED the pin up girls and their classic image. When I think of pin up, I think of the army girls, the navy uniforms and things alike... However I also knew I wanted something quintessentially British, so that's how 'Spitfire' came about. Beyond that I knew I wanted something that wasn't miles away from my real name because Burlesque allowed me to show my true self and I wanted to respect that's how Sally was born!

Which charity do you feel most passionate about?
Cancer Research is definitely important to me, it's a dreadful disease and affects so many lives. Every penny raised goes towards this battle against cancer and one day....We'll win.

If you could have any other career, what would you be doing?
I trained as a Musical Theatre performer and when the right job comes along and I'm not shaking what my mother gave me, you can catch me belting out some show tunes or giving Shakespeare a go... So if I HAD to give up the glitter I'd definitely not give up all the glam.

Which Folly Mixture would you want to marry your own brother?
Thank goodness I'm an only child! (Kidding ladies, you're all fabulous!)
By S TWIST 24 Oct, 2016
This feisty, fire eating Folly has joined us from Sweden and has performed all over the globe. Now she's in London...we're not letting her leave!

Tell us about an interesting character you have met on the cabaret circuit.

Laurie Hagen , she is my biggest role model in so many ways. Not only is she insanely talented, but she is a great person and an amazing friend.

Ever made a cringe-inducing mistake on stage?
Too many times! The best ones are when there are technical problems and you end up having to striptease with no music! 

I'm coming over for dinner, what are you cooking?

Your favourite musician/band to striptease to is?
I don't really have a favourite Burlesque band, it's more about what song moves me at the time.

Describe your favourite photographers work.
Any photographer that can give great directions during a shoot!
By S TWIST 17 Oct, 2016
A fabulous dancer and an absolute pleasure to hang out with backstage, we are sure you'll agree this red head is just drop dead gorgeous!

Who inspires you from popular culture?
I absolutely love Caitlyn Moran. Her column is amazing and her book 'How To Be A Woman' is a must read for anyone with a vagina!

Describe a typical day in your life.
The joys of being self employed mean most days begin with a lie in (I work nights!) Get up, go to gym/yoga/class and then start work.

What is your biggest vice?
Chocolate. All day, everyday.

Is there a hobby or pastime that you had when you were younger, that you wish you hadn't given up?
Gymnastics. That would have really helped in my career!

Your silver fox of choice?
Not sure if he counts as a silver fox, but Javier Bardem is my tasty older man of choice.
By S TWIST 10 Oct, 2016
Which Folly group act is your favourite to perform?

My favourite to perform is Showgirl. I feel so sexy and confident in the corset! I think it's a real classic burly number and who doesn't love diamonds, feathers and Follys!

What is on your wish list of places to perform?
I'd love to perform on the West End, or Broadway. NYC in general and Crazy Horse, Paris. They're all places that I adore and have dreamt of performing!

Who would be your vintage icon?
I have so many vintage idols, obviously queen Dita!!! But Bettie Page, Tempest storm and I keep getting told I look like Lucille Ball (my favourite and the original female comedian) and Rita Hayworth.

What's in the pipeline for your next act?
I'm in the process of making an Usherette/Cigarette girl costume, but being obsessed with all things vintage, I really want to do a damsel in distress/heartbroken goddess!

What's your favourite way to spend a Sunday?
My favourite way to spend a Sunday is naked bed day, watching Walking Dead and crocheting!
By S TWIST 03 Oct, 2016
We like to have a little chat with a different Folly every week, so you can get to know our selection box of beauties a little better! This week is the blonde bombshell Lola La Pearl...

If we did a burlesque swap-shop show where you could perform another Folly's solo, which one would you choose?
I'd do Slou's Barbie (even though I've never seen it) because I really want to wear a Barbie vagina merkin!

Your top tip for dealing with pastie burn?
Bepanthen for nips and coconut oil.

Folly Mixture girl crush?
Didi is my crush although that is no secret...

What's your favourite outfit to wear on a night out?
I like to dress like a child cartoon character- so a care bear onesie or something ridiculous like that!

If you had your own blog, what would it be called and what topic would you write about?
My blog would be crazy Bunny mother... And I would write about the ridiculous things I do on a daily basis with my bunnies and also general Bunny welfare information!

By S TWIST 26 Sep, 2016
Which gig has been your favourite so far?
My favourite gig has without a doubt been the Wonderground show! It was sooooo much fun to be with all of the girls at once, all bouncing off each other's excitement, to have done lots of new acts and do everything the Folly way!

If we had to write 3 company values, what would you suggest?
I would say our three company values would be:
To love all things sparkly
To celebrate alllll of the women
And to drink all of the bubbly wine!

Describe your style as a teenager
I would describe my teenage style as 'have I just been to the gym or do I want you to think I have?' (Still followed me into adult age)

Describe one of the happiest moments in your life so far. Be as smug as you like!
I'm a family girl so I'd have to say when either of my baby sisters were born!

Are you a country or city girl at heart? What do you love most about it?
I am an absolute country girl! I love being outside either climbing things or just walking in forests, I like working in the city but I enjoy that I don't live there.
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